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The Heart of the Muse – Poetry in Alameda

October 30, 2010


What inspires those
who inspire us?

Join us for an evening of inspiring poetry and music from the heart of The Bay Area’s most captivating poets.
Come to share in…


Poetry Readings
Thursday, Nov. 4
Books Inc, 1344 Park St., Alameda
6:30 pm Music Reception
7:00 pm Feature & Open mic

The Heart of the Muse 415-489-0074

  1. Kathy Rhodes-Henninger permalink

    I had a wonderful time at The Heart of the Muse. The poetry was vivid, insightful, emotive, funny… just what I needed to heart. Thank you Amos and thanks to everyone who shared their work.

    • Kathy, you are welcome. I was ecstatic, en electricity running throughout from start to close! Thanks for making it!

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