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Heart of the Muse: Number 001 – Poet Ecstasy

November 7, 2010

Wow! The Heart of the Muse inaugural poetry reading launch was an ecstatic melange of poets and poetry, prose and song in an electrifying line up of luminary Bay Area poets.

The Heart of the Muse poetry forum was held Thursday, November 4, 2010 at Books Inc. in Alameda, California. The forum was filmed and recorded by Jeff Cambra of Alameda Currents.

Hosted by Amos White

26 Inspirational Readings
23 Inspired Poets

Tia Gangopadhyay, Poet Laureate, St. Joseph’s HS
“Our Generation of Soldiers”  Listen to this episode

Rose Mark
“Family Dinner” Listen to this episode

Larry Beresford
“Barack Baby” Listen to this episode * WebBook

Giovanni Singleton
“A Lesson Before Kissing” Listen to this episode * Web

Avotcja, of La Parablas Musical
“Who is Dead Lady” Listen to this episode * Web *  VideoFacebook

Mary Rudge, Poet Laureate of Alameda, CA
“We Who Are Luminous” Listen to this episode * Web

Mary Loughran
“What Do You See” Listen to this episode

Amos White reads Diane Frank
“Afterimages” Listen to this episode

Mark States, of Berkley Poets Express
“Root Beer Float” Listen to this episode * WebVideo

Cathy Dana, President, Alameda Island Poets
“When My Soul Begins to Sing” Listen to this episode * Web

Garrett Murphy
“The Fairest Play of All” Listen to this episode * Web

Janet Butler
“Transplanted” Listen to this episode * Web *  Art

John Roe, President Bay Area Poet’s Coalition
“A Life of Its Own” Listen to this episode * Web

Ken Peterson
“I Have Been Bothered” Listen to this episode

Amos White
“Neither Blood nor Air” Listen to this episode * Web *  Video *  Venue

Peter Sandholdt
“Mistakes” Listen to this episode

Jeanne Lupton, of Second Saturday’s at Frank Bette Center
“A Pretty Little Cemetery Plot” Listen to this episode * Web *  Book *  Venue

Kristen Caven
“I Sing to The Asphaltia” Listen to this episode * WebBooks

Arlene Melcher
“We Were Never Encouraged” Listen to this episode

Shelley Harper
“What My Eyes Behold”  Listen to this episode * Web

Frankie Raphael
“A Day”  Listen to this episode

Amos White reads Linda Watanabe McFerrin
“Dead Love” excerpted. Listen to this episode * Web *  Book

Jacques Korn
“Demons and Marvels” Listen to this episode * Audio

Bill Rowen
“A Favor for Cathy” Listen to this episode

Pablo Rosales recites Pablo Neruda
“Night on the Island” Listen to this episode * Web *  Video

Amos White
“Flaxen” Listen to this episode

– – –

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