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Heart of the Muse – Poetry in Alameda – February Features: John Rowe & Janet Butler

February 2, 2011


What inspires those
who inspire us?

Join us for an evening of inspiring poetry and music from the heart of The Bay Area’s most captivating poets.
Come to share in…


Poetry Reading
Thursday, February 10 at 7pm
Books Inc, 1344 Park St., Alameda
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February Feature
– John Rowe

Come hear Bay Area Poet John Rowe read from
his latest book and share his inspiration for poetic creativity and
inspiring insight into the heart of everyday life.

John Rowe reads at Heart of the Muse in AlamedaJOHN ROWE John’s poems have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies. He’s is an award-winner in Artists Embassy International’s Annual Dancing Poetry Festival Contests, including a Grand Prize (2002) and a First Prize (2010), Grand Prize in the Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review Contest 2010. John co-hosts the monthly poetry reading series (The Last Poets – Berkeley), is president of the Bay Area Poets Coalition, and Associate Editor of “Poetalk Magazine”. His latest poetry collection is “Winsome Losesome” (Eventuality Press, 2010).

The Heart of the Muse

Click to hear our first Poetry Reading.

Heart of the Muse is a literary arts forum on the Island of Alameda, California
in the San Francisco Bay, presenting inspired poets, authors, and artist works
to the public.

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One Comment
  1. msbluestocking permalink

    Electrifying, soul stirring writing…thank you for sharing your talent, I enjoyed this so much!

    All my best for you future endeavors,

    Angela C. Ragosa

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