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The Heart of the Muse – Poetry in Alameda – March Feature: Kit Kennedy


What inspires those
who inspire us?

Join us for an evening of inspiring poetry
and music from the heart of The Bay Area’s
most captivating poets.
Come to share in…

Kit Kennedy, Author/Poet reads at Heart of the Muse in Alameda

The Heart Of The Muse

Poetry Reading – Open Mic

March Feature
– Kit Kennedy

Thursday, March 10 at 7pm
Books Inc, 1344 Park St., Alameda

Come hear Bay Area poet, Kit Kennedy read from
her latest work and share her inspiration for poetic creativity and inspiring insight into the heart of everyday life.

Kit Kennedy is a poet’s poet. She co-authored of “Inconvenience” (Littoral Press, Berkeley) a fine print book about bowls with Susan Gangel, and her second book “While Eating Oysters” (CLWN WR Press, Brooklyn) is a collection of “blink poems,” short poignant poems akin to free style haiku. She also hosted to the renowned Gallery Cafe poetry reading series.

Kit seeks to be published in spaces with strange and wondrous names:  Ambush Review, Arsenic Lobster, Blood Orange Review, Bombay Gin, Cezanne’s Carrot, FRiGG, Mannequin Envy, Over The Transom, Otoliths, Puppy Flowers, Triplopia, Uphook Press, Van Gogh’s Ear. Her forthcoming book of poems is due out later this year, “Constellations.” you can find her on her blog Small Poems and Small Plates where she captures her daily insights and musings about poetry and a passionate love of food.

at The Heart of the Muse

Thursday, March 10 at 7pm
Books Inc, 1344 Park St., Alameda
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